Hotwire is amazing! (check out their email)

My buddy Karan at PrepMe – told me Hotwire is the best place to book flights. I was a little skeptical until I tried out their Flexible Date Search. I am hooked. Hotwire is simply amazing and the best place to get cheap tickets.

Anyway I just got an email from them and love how they use my data.

I like how they say “For You, Rishi”. “For You” sounds personal. They capitalized the first letter in my name. Even though I always register as “rishi”. I like how they remembered that the last place I traveled to is “Chicago” and they mention it. They also mention the price right in the subject. $231 is a good deal.

The Subject does everything right. It totally got me to open the email.

Nice job on the personalized-yet-mass-produced-emails Hotwire!