Selling the Dream – Salesforce’s Dreamware


I was speaking to a friend of mine that works at a fortune 500 company. He was telling me how his company is considering adopting a new CRM/ERP system and how Salesforce is very interested in this opportunity. He told me that Salesforce has the most amazing sales presentation. Here is what they do:

Salesforce Sales Process (for Fortune 500 Clients)

  1. Salesforce sales team spends a few days on-site at the clients HQ
  2. Discover any major problems the client has with their existing system
  3. Learn what type of acronyms and buzzwords the client uses
  4. Figure out how Salesforce can solve all their problems
  5. Invite the major decision makers to a “Pitch Meeting”
  6. Present a polished demo of how the client’s company will operate once Salesforce has been fully implemented (they even include the client’s logo inside their Salesforce HQ). The client should feel like all the work is done, and all they have to do is say “Yes!”

Eliminating the “Uggggghhh!!!” reaction

This was one of the most amazing things I have heard. The problem with most software is you always get an “uggghh!!!” reaction from the business owner when selling software, because they know all the headaches required to actually start using it. For example they usually have to get a developer involved, then iron out bugs, and then customize it a little bit for their business.

By eliminating the “Uggghhh!” factor, you get the client excited, and most importantly get to “Yes!” faster. How do you sell the dream – would love any pointers!


  1. Thanks for sharing this Rishi! I’m just getting geared up for doing more “Sales” at my company so this is very timely. Good idea on adding their logo inside the presentation so it looks like you are already working with them.

    Do you think this is a little over the top and may cause a feeling of “Sales Pressure” from the customer?

    • Hey Steven,

      I can see why you may think it may cause some sales pressure. But, I think those small touches make you look like a Problem Solver/Consultant, rather than a sales person. You want them to know that you will be there to make sure it works for their business.

      Customers are sick of buying software and then just having it sit there – that was so 10 years ago. Now, customers want the software NOW and it has to work for them right out of the box.

      Good luck with the sales Steven and YES, be over the top! Customers will love you for it. – Rishi

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