Read Between the Lines and Let Your Prospect Win


When a prospective customer asks you for a discount or some sort of negotiable pricing. They might be asking because they want to look good in front of their boss or maybe they just have a policy that you have to ask. In any case, give the discount.

The discount can be in many forms that are both in the form of money. Here are some options to choose from:

  • First month free
  • We will throw in some extra features (if you don’t want to give monetary discounts)
  • Percentage discount on the first year only

In most cases, it doesn’t really matter what you give as long as you give something. They want to be able to go back to their team and tell them they won. Remember, when they win, you don’t lose, you win Big, by sealing the deal and making your customer feel good.



  1. This is a really good idea. But, what if our company doesn’t allow any discounts or any “asks” like this. I know its stupid, but I have to close deals and adhere to the politics of my company. (Using anonymous account for obvious reasons)

    • Hi James – I certainly understand your situation. I have two pieces of advice for you.

      1. Offer your personal dedication and assistance to them after they sign. You probably can’t put this in your contract, but let them know you will train and get them up and running. You are more than happy to educate them and show them best practices. The best sales people know how to use the product the best.

      2. Talk to your sales manager about this. If your manager whats you to exceed your quota (and if he is a good sales manager this should be obvious), let them know you should be able to modify the contract to close deals.

      Good luck !

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