Call Us For Assistance – DO NOT RETURN TO STORE

Trike instruction booklet

I just got this sweet trike for my kid and there are like 20 steps to put it together. Anyway, I got stuck and my first reaction was to just return and move on with my life. However, I saw the instruction booklet told me to call them first instead of returning it.

They talked me through it, they were super nice, and now I’m a happy trike bike owner!

I thought that big bold phone number was super smart. Most people don’t know this but when you return an item to the store. The manufacturer gets it pretty bad, here is what happens in most cases (specifically for the smaller guys):

  1. The retailer ships it back to you and charges you a bunch of fees (sometimes equivalent to the amount of the product)
  2. You give the retailer a complete refund

By adding this phone number the retailer probably just saved them 2X the cost of the trike.