Made Right Here: Wholefoods

whole foods logo

I love Wholefoods. I do. But, it is always double the price on everything. Everyone knows that … but when I’m inside Wholefoods I always am able to justify the higher prices.

One thing that Wholefoods does really well is theĀ “Made Right Here” signs in their produce section. When you think about the people behind the counter making the food, you realize why it is priced a little higher. It is also ready to go. You literally can start eating the produce right out of the bin (no need to cut or add seasoning).

Made Right Here Sign at Whole foods

Here are some ways to charge more money in your business:
1. Offer a service – setup, installation, design, etc

2. Complete all the steps for them. For example: just don’t give them a watermelon. Cut the watermelon, put it in a nice bowl, add some nice seasoning, and give them a fork to eat.