Get Your First Beta Users: The Best Web App Directories to Submit To

The best thing I did for my company right before we launched was submit our web app to as many directories as possible. This really put us on the map! Within a few days we went from 15 beta users to 400. This got my entire team fired up to deploy the product as soon as possible.

My main objective was to be better ranked on Google. Not only were we better ranked within 2 weeks but a bunch of bloggers reached out to us asking for interviews.

I compiled a list of the best and easiest web directories you can submit your web app to. It should take  6-8 hours to submit your site to the entire list but it is totally worth it. I promise.

Top 4* Directories:

  1. Go2Web2.0
  2. Feed My App
  3. CSS Mania
  4. Museum of The Modern Beta

* Based on the total amount of traffic it brought me. Your experiences might differ.

The Rest:

  1. Killer Startups
  2. Listio
  3. Mashable
  4. Springwise – not a directory but if you “wow” them they will write about you
  5. CrunchBase
  6. StartupMeme
  7. 101 Best Websites
  8. LaunchFeed
  9. WebDev 2.0
  10. On The App
  11. DIY Startup New
  12. Stumble Upon
  13. * Startups Sub-Reddit
  14. Hacker News
  15. * Delicious
  16. * ProductHunt
  17. AppUseful
  18. Startup Booster
  19. Submit Startup
  20. Netted
  21. Minisprout
  22. Startuplift
  23. KickoffBoost
  24. Side Projectors
  25. The Startup Pitch
  26. Erli Bird
  27. Angel List
  28. Startup List
  29. Fire Spotting
  30. Web Menu

* Only submit if you have an active presence on these sites already. Best case scenario someone that has a ton of followers will submit your site for you.

Please note: I didn’t pay to submit my website to any of these sites. Feel free to skip the directory that asks you to pay.

Did this list work for you? Let me know in the comments.

Update 1 5/13/2011: Removed 2 non-working directories (thank you Christopher!). Added top 5 directories people should focus on.

Update 1 5/23/2015: Updated this listing based on request – thank you Ankit! Removed 3 non-working sites and added 8 more!


  1. Great list. Took me 2 hours. I opened all the links in tabs at once and copy/pasted my pitch to all of them.

    • Great Idea Frank. You really streamlined things. My only suggestion is to make sure you personalize the submission by inserting the blog or editor name. Studies have shown that response rates increase when you personalize the email.

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  3. Rishi,

    Nice list.
    Went through all of them. Two sites are not operating anymore: All Things Web2 an Cloudomatic

    Also, you may want to add to your list. We only deal with apps out of Beta and targeted at businesses. We are are very focused but deliver results!

    • Thank you Christopher! I updated the list and added your directory as well.

      How does your site work? People list their app and you get affiliate commissions?

  4. Thanks for adding us. is a vertical marketplace for web-based business applications only. There is a small listing fee which is one way for us to qualify relevant applications. We do a product review for a lifetime listing, so vendors get an immediate return on their investment:
    Once you are included in our directories, there is an option to run PPC campaigns which gives you additional visibility. Being listed starts here:
    Thanks again!

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    • David – I’m glad you found it useful!

      I checked out your website: Anyone that reads this comment please checkout David’s awesome website – it is really cool!

      If you want to maximize the number of conversions you get from the initial traffic boost I strongly recommend the following:

      #1 Focus on one call-to-action. Currently you have five (Sign in with Twitter/Facebook/etc and Download on the App Store). What is the most important thing you want the customer to do? Login with Facebook or Download your app? I would pick one and take the rest out.

      See my blog post on Instagram:

      #2 Your service looks awesome but I don’t see an irresistible offer in the headline. Currently it is “Get in the Loop! Shoot, Share, and Watch Video…” Since you are a new web app “Get in the Loop and watching videos from the loop community doesn’t really make much sense to me – since I don’t know anyone that is currently on looplr. Something new that your service does that not many people do is “Shoot Video and Share It With Your Friends, Download the app now!” – I would focus on that.

      Good luck with the app – I’m sure it will be extremely successful with a little more clarity and focus.

      • Hi Rishi,
        Thanks for your feedback, constructive advice is always welcome, yes i agree with you. we should lazer focus on the core benefit to the user and how he will perceive the value of the product as it relates to him, thanks for giving me a nudge 🙂

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  11. Hi Rishi,

    Thanks for this awesome list! We spent a lot of money on Google Adwords but we have learned the hard way the value of this kind of SEO.

    Keep up the good work!

  12. Rishi – Thank you for putting this list together. Great info! Some of the sites do charge small fees but I can understand considering the large number of submissions they get.

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