Your Customer is Always Right

I’ve heard the phrase “Your Customers is Always Right” over and over again. I thought I understood what that phrase meant. You know… give the customer what they want, but it wasn’t until last week that I actually conceptualized it. This is my short story on my realization.

At Flying Cart we decided to launch features based on repeat customer support questions. If we keep getting the same questions we aren’t doing our job well, we need to make our product work the way our customers think it’s going to work.

Make Your Product Work How Your Customers Think It Should Work {tweet}

Here are two changes we made:

1. If the customer upgrades while on their free trial – they remain on the free trial. Before, customers would get charged the full price when they upgraded.

2. Only authorize the customers credit card for $0. Previously we were authorizing the credit card for the full amount of the package ($9.99/mo) – this led a $9.99 authorize being displayed on the customers credit card and in most cases it looked like a charge (not an authorization). This led to tons of customer phone calls and emails asking why they were charged.

It Is All About What They Want, Not What You Want

The way to make sure that the customer always wins is to find the win-win scenario.  I resisted the change because it seemed like lost revenue, but I needed to test that.  In fact, since launching this feature we have seen an increase in upgrades and a reduction in customer support emails – everyone wins!  If I hadn’t have been willing to test what customers were telling me, I would have be missing out on upgrades, and they wouldn’t be as happy.

Here is why I think we have seen an increase in upgrades. Our sweet sales copy:
“Upgrade Today for Free and enjoy all the features now! – You won’t be charged your new rate for another 3 weeks!”

Do you have a great story about “The Customer is Always Right”. Please, let me know in the comments – I’d love to include it in an updated version of this post (full credit will be given).


  1. that is really clever – launch features based on customer support request. A great way to make your product easier to use.

    Studies show that people in general don’t like calling/emailing customer support. They just want it to work.

    Awesome post!

  2. well i know that when you are a “customer” in a typical indian household that you are hungry because the mom says so. in this case the customer is WRONG! article debunked 😛

    sorry i couldn’t think of a good example so i thought i would try to contribute comic relief.

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