Finally! Someone Noticed My Smoothies

My good friend Darin Eich stayed with me last week and wrote up his experience. He specifically loved my smoothies and the story of how I got started making them. It is a short and fun read: Click here to read the full post on his blog.


    • Yes, I’d be happy to!

      Blend the following ingredients – serves 3-4 people:

      1 cup Oatmeal (Combine with Barley and Rye if you’d like)
      3 table spoons of Flax Seed
      3 table spoons of Wheat Germ
      1 cup Blueberries
      2 cups frozen Spinach
      2 Carrots
      2 cups Almond Milk
      2 Men’s One A Day Vitamins
      2 Vitamin D’s
      1 table spoon Cinnamon
      1 scoop of Protein Powder
      A dash of Vanilla Extract
      2 Table spoons of Ginger
      1 Banana (replace with Orange for extra energy+no crashing)
      Add Pineapple Juice if you want it to be sweet

      I recommend using the Vitamix as your blender. It is the best blender on the market.

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