DocuSign’s Simple Messaging

I love looking at billboard advertisements because you can only say 5 words. The entire company comes down to one simple messaging statement. I’ve been seeing DocuSign ads everywhere and I have to say their messaging is awesome.

DocuSign Ad on the BART 

“Close Deals Faster”

They could have said “Easy Document Signature Technology” or even “Sign Documents on your iPad while on the Go”. But instead the focused on the maximum benefit they can provide their customers – simply closing deals faster. Who doesn’t want to get more deals closed?

Overall Docusign is starting to become one of my favorite companies. They have figured out where their customers live… on Salesforce!

DocuSign is the highest rated app on Salesforce!

They have 500 reviews and using my super estimation guide (where each review equates to 100 paying customers and average company pays $200/mo) they are making $10M/mo from their Salesforce integration alone.

DocuSign is a pretty brilliant product + marketing driven company. They integrate with companies where their customers are and they focus on the maximum benefit their customer gives them.


  1. Yeah I like their messaging super simple. Kind of makes you think.

    Also I saw this ad in airports. They target sales guys on the go.

  2. I’m so glad that you found the design as amazing as I did.

    When I first saw this ad on BART, I could not look away. It’s elegant, efficient and super current with the design trends I’ve been noticing lately.

    Great ad.

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