Good Vs. Great Salespeople

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Good salespeople know their pitch and can easily communicate the product.

Great salespeople talk to the customer and can tailer the pitch based on their needs.

Figure out your customers needs is what really sells your product.


Good salespeople will ask for things like a Demo Sheet, Brochure, or other assets.

Great salespeople will ask for more targeted leads.

Understand of which type of customers you can close the fastest.


Good salespeople will demand new features in order to close more deals

Great salespeople will demand higher prices in order make more money.

Identify which customers are willing to pay more money for the product as-is.


Good salespeople will practice their pitch over and over again.

Great salespeople will practice overcoming common objections.

Most salespeople fail at “Closing the customer”, not the actual pitch. Most prospects will give you at least 2 objections before they buy, practice how to get over those.


Lots of great books on this topic. My 2 favorite are “The Closer’s Survival Guide” and “SPIN Selling


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  2. “Great salespeople will demand higher prices in order make more money.” Very true, … and your sales people might end up changing your business.

    We use to run a company targeted to small business owners and hired a sales rep that sold it to a larger company. They were paying us as much as what 100 small business owners would pay us. We decided to just focus on larger companies after that day. 🙂

    • Wow, Tim that is a pretty eye opening stat, 100X the price.

      Can you share what the original price was versus the 100X price?

      Also I’m curious if this was a one-time sale vs subscription sale.


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