Objection Based Selling


When I first starting selling Digioh, I would wait until the end of the demo to ask questions like “Do you think you would use this product?” or “Does our price fit your budget?”. Towards the end of the demo the prospect was one of the following:

  • Tired/Distracted (checking email, etc)
  • Already wrote off the product as not something they could use
  • Didn’t see value in it

This sucked! Because I just spent 45 minutes busting my hump giving an amazing demo.

I now have a different method that has been working – I call it Objection Based Selling. I try to get sales objections within the first 10 minutes of the demo. By getting the prospects objection super early while I have their attention, I can overcome it. This keeps the prospect engaged and I can steer the demo towards something they would actually use.

Objection Based Selling Demo

  1. First 10 minutes – Get to know their business (aka look for opportunities where can provide their business 10X value). In most cases the prospect may already know of a way your product can help.
  2. Next 10 minutes – go over a few features and ask “Is this something you could use?”, if they say no ask why, probe deep and make sure they aren’t confused on what the product does.
  3. Next 10 minutes – go over setup and “how it all works”, ask questions like: “Does this make sense to you?”, “Is this something you would want to use?”, if they say no, ask why.
  4. Last 10 minutes – go over pricing and ask “Will this fit your budget?”, if they say no, offer an irresistible offer like a money back guarantee. If they say “I’m not the decision maker.” Find out what price they can easily sign off on (most managers can sign off on a $250/mo charge without having to talk their boss)

I no longer fear objections, I crave them! You can’t sell your service unless you overcome their objections. Checkout this post on 7 Common Sales Objections and how to overcome them.



  1. whoa! Good timing on this post. I have been spinning my wheels a bunch on this.

    The common objection, I always get is “I love your product but it will take way to much time to switch my existing system over to your system”

    Any ideas on how to overcome that objection?

    • Pierre,

      Thanks for the comment! That is a great objection. Try this out:

      #1 Tell them that you agree with them (always agree with the customer!)

      #2 Ask them why they see value in your product over what they currently have. (Hopefully they say something like “it will make us more money”)

      #3 Ask them if they would be up for not switching over right away but try using your product for one of their business units and then slowly move it over to all properties.

      #4 If they saw “No” to #3, then ask them if it makes sense to talk to their boss. Find out who the real decision maker is. Get a scheduled meeting while you are on the call.

      #5 If they are the decision maker, ask this question. “What will it take for me to get you to start using our product?”, maybe all you need to do is offer free migration and setup. Let them know it will be a seamless transition. Your dev team will do all the work (I’m assuming you sell a tech product).

      Hope this helps!

  2. Rishi,

    You’re the man. I laughed out loud at that graphic. Amazing.

    And I love your sales approach. You are an inspiration!


    • Pete – thanks for your comment. LOL on the image. I’m going to be using only images from Movies and TV shows from now on because of your comment 🙂

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